Friday, 6 April 2012


Shop 3 
76 Ultimo Rd, 
Chinatown, NSW 2000 

Hello, and welcome! It has been a while I know, more than 6 months in fact. Apologies it has taken me a while to get back on track, but thank you for being patient! 

Before we commence, let me say there is more than one Kura around. 3 in fact. The original, another one in Chinatown and also one in Pyrmont. For the purposes to keep things simple I am referring ONLY to the original one at Chinatown.

Now, I know what I am about to say is a big call... however, and keep in mind I have tried most Japanese restaurants in Sydney (I think) from the city to crows nest and gone to Japan and back too... Kura still, hands down serves the best, most juicy, moist and crispy fried Japanese chicken you will try... anywhere and at a great price in lighting time too.

I must say apart from the chicken there are many reasons why I like this place. Firstly, it reminds me of restaurants in Japan, small, quaint, fast and efficient. Get in, order, pay, eat, and get out. The establishment only holds about 15 people maximum at anyone time too and there are about 6 - 7 people running the place so it gives you an idea of how quickly and specialises each persons roles are. Very Japanese indeed. 

So if you are catching up with a friend after a long absence or want to watch the sunset over Chinatown, this is probably not the place to be. However, if you are in a hurry, you will find no faster, I promise.

Upon arrival, you are greeted, seated and given the menu (This takes about 10 seconds). After you order, depending on what you order, your miso soup comes out ( this happens about another 10 seconds after you order), and within 60 - 120 seconds you have your meal. That is almost quicker than maccas, and it is by no means at all fast food.    

Now if you do need some more time, they have done so well they took over the empty restaurant next door and have a full sit down restaurant upstairs, which serves all the good stuff downstairs but with comfy chairs, modern decor and there is Asahi on tap as well as sake, so you can talk, chat and dialogue it out into the night.They also space out the delivery of the food too so you don't feel too rushed. 

As for the food itself, did I mention the chicken? If you can find a better deep fried chicken in Sydney please let me know. I have tried so many karage's from Japan to Sydney and yet this is still the one that always brings me back time and time again. For less than $10, you get a miso soup to star, followed by a long rectangular box filled with numerous pieces of the succulent, juicy, tender morsels served on top of a bed of Japanese coleslaw (with dressing), a piece of orange and white fully rice. You get the option also for either sweet chilli sauce or mayo. Please go the mayo, it adds and really finishes the chicken off. The menu also has enough variety for most tastebuds, from donburi's through to udon, tempura, katsudons  to sushi / sashimi and even takoyaki, and japanese red bean cake for desert if you fancy.

Overall, this place is my "go-to" in Sydney, and now with the new section up-stairs I can even take my friends for a long chat, a cool beer, and great food. For now however, I am running out of time, and only have about 10 bucks in the pocket... but I know just the place to go...  

Bottom line:
The most expensive item is sub $15 but for two you can expect plenty change from $50 including drinks. 

Score: 8 / 10

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