Friday, 15 April 2011

Welcome & Intro

Hello & welcome to my humble page that is all about food. Here you will mainly find reviews on Sydney restaurants as well as the occasional recipe by yours truly and anything  food related. Before you continue, I would just like to say a few words so you get a feel of where I am coming from when writing my reviews.  
I am lucky to say that I come from a family that has been involved with food and restaurants since birth. My parents, and grandparents from both sides of the family use to run restaurants and I have worked in them too all my life. I did not follow in my family's footsteps, and I am confident to say I do not have an amazing knowledge of food, nor have I travelled the world in search of it. I have never watched an episode of MasterChef or MKR (sorry to those of you who are devote viewers), and do not earn the money to be able to weekly dine in Sydney’s finest restaurants. I could not tell you all the varieties of fish nor all the different fruits and spices that should be found in a red wine.
However, I did not lose my love for food, and feel that at current, Sydney does not offer what I would call a ‘people’s view’ of grading restaurants. Sure, you got the professional critics, but let’s face it, most people I know (men especially) won’t care if their rabbit comes from the Maclaey Valley, or if their beef is sourced from a small farm in Tasmania no one has ever heard of, or if there fish is sustainable with good cold chain management. They just want a good meal, at a reasonable price and leave satisfied. At least, this is how I feel, so hopefully this blog tells it like it is! Minus all the fluff.
In addition, please find the scoring system I have set up to hopefully put things on an even playing field. I have categorized restaurants into 4 levels (based on 2 people excluding drinks). This will mean that even cheap restaurants can get great reviews and scores as it is difficult to put them all into one encompassing group.  
1.       Cheapo                                                 $0 - $50
2.      Just got paid                                      $50 - $100
3.       Special nights only                           $100 - $200 
4.       Rock Star                                            $200 +
Restaurants are reviewed out of 20 points.
10           = Food
3              = Service
3              = Décor/Ambience/Setting
2              = Overall cleanliness
2              = BONUS points/wow factor etc
I have left out value for money, as once you get above level 2, it becomes less about the $$$ and more about the overall dining experience. I will make special mentions however should I feel certain places are not worthy of the prices they charge etc.
I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, and please do feel free to share

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