Tuesday, 19 July 2011


447 Pitt St
Cnr. Pitt & Campbell St
Sydney, 2000
(02) 9280 0377

Category: Just got paid ($50 - $100)

This is one of those places, that, well… I never get tired or sick of. I can also proudly say it is probably one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Sydney in its class (next time I will tell you about my other favourite). Bold statement I know, with establishments including the likes of Toko, Musa, Azuma, Café Ish, Yoshii’s, Sushi E etc, but for a usual and frequent place to eat, I believe it is hard to top.

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford Azuma, Yoshii’s, Toko, Sushi E on a regular basis (I definitely can’t), so whilst I agree that some of the already mentioned have better quality food, it definitely comes with the prices to match. So for a regular dining spot, this I feel, is the pinnacle of great Japanese food, and I have my reasons.    

The décor is clean cut, spacious and bright. Seating can be at the bar, there are some outside tables and if you can, try to get the corner lounge (this is the best seat in the house). They don’t take bookings either after 5:30 so get there early otherwise you will need to wait, regardless of the day! The service is sharp, quick and effective. Sometimes the staff could be a little friendlier but overall it is very polite and clinically clean. Like a very well oiled machine everything falls into place, and the food is also excellent. Best of all, it is always consistently strong.

I recommend coming here with at least 3 others, just to ensure you can get the sashimi platter which is fresh, scrumptious and there is a rather large menu so whilst coming for a romantic meal is nice, grab some friends and start sharing.

The mains are a little pricy, and I would probably skip a few menu items, especially mains, the lamb cutlets are good as are the fish and wagyu beef, but for a similar price you can get better elsewhere.  It is the sashimi, sushi, and entrees that make this place. The takoyaki with cheese reigns supreme as does most of the light starter dishes. The ox tail is fabulous, as is the agedashi tofu. The tonkatsu pork or chicken is one of the crunchiest and crispiest you will ever try and look out for the specials too!

To be honest, depending on what you are wearing, you can get away for well less than $50 for 2. There Udon’s are large and generous, with the seafood one probably your best bet at $16.80. The drinks menu is innovative, and anyone who fancies some colour will not be disappointed with the options available.

My personal favourite about this place however is the dessert. Green tea crème brulee. I remember the first time I had it, it was like heaven. To those who are not that keen on green tea there are various other items like the standard green tea and black sesame ice-creams.

Overall, I really like this place. Great food, good service, a diverse menu that can really suit all occasions, whether you want a more romantic date and splurge out on fresh seafood, grab a meal with friends and share, or grab a quick bite before you dash off, it can suit them all. Now despite not being the flagship of the Masuya Group I actually prefer it to Masuya, with it’s higher ceilings, and more open style kitchen where you can see the chefs in action.

Bottom line:
Depending on what you want to do, you can keep this well under $50 but if you do decide to go hard on the seafood, $60 - $70 will ensure you are both walking home one size bigger on the waist.  

Food                                       7/10
Service                                   2/3
Décor                                     2/3
Cleanliness                           2/2
BONUS                                   1.5/2 (That green tea crème brulee was revolutionary)

Total                                       14.5/20

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  1. That sounds like a nice place to chill out with friends! And it scores high from you, too.